Allowed to Grow Old Featured In The Observer

Last month, Allowed to Grow Old received an early review by Richard Benson in the Observer that ran over 4 pages in the print edition and was featured on the Guardian web site. For at least a week it was in the top 10 most popular stories in the Art and Design section of the Guardian web site.

From the review:

This is partly the story of a woman who starts out not knowing how to open and close a farm gate, and ends up learning how to put animals at ease so she can photograph them in close-up (approach them at eye level; lie in the hay with them for as long as it takes; don’t take your bag into the pen, because they’ll eat it).

It’s also about characters like friendly Melvin the Angora goat, and Babs the impossibly stoic, shaggy donkey, who are described in the text with an empathy at times reminiscent of Helen Macdonald’s H is for Hawk.

Making the text personal makes the book feel warm and open rather than preachy, which seems the right way to go if you really want to “start a conversation”, as Leshko does."

Isa LeshkoPress